Curvysupporters is a Non-profit group of Freelance plussize bloggers who want to see themselves reflected in the plus-size landscape. Biased mainstream media overlook curvy women or subject them to discrimination based on their body size and weight. Our main aim and objective are to provide online support and motivation for all charming and beautiful plus size ladies all over the world. We are the voice of the millions of unheard-of plus-size ladies who have fought and struggled to carve a niche for themselves in this world. We help them to share their stories of courage and bravery for fighting against the orthodox society who does not accept them as 'normal people'. We are determined to fight for them; provide an online space to plus-size celebrities, bloggers and models who can inspire the plus size women worldwide -to be daring with their style and to flaunt their curves - by setting a precedent. We strongly believe that they have carried this burden alone for a very long time without voicing their disappointment in humanity. In spite of support from numerous magazines and multiple organizations from all over the globe they still face unruly and unfair discrimination in all walks of life. They have been left out from the fashion sparkle for years and years. However, currently, plus-size bloggers provide them space, attention to their voice using online social platform including our blogger website for motivation and inspiration. Plus-size bloggers are fearless in writing and supporting plus-size ladies all over and help them to fight these odds within our society. We strive to become an online media for plus-size readers to engage plus-size readers from every corner of the world. We strive to empower plus size ladies of any age to create truly inspired online content for better motivation and express their voices and opinions.

 Our platform is holistic and caters to every stage of the plus-size digital publishing lifecycle, redefining how people will treat them and happily accept them in the society without any rude, nasty and bad comment by providing great plus-size content in the form of blogs. We will touch every issue and challenge media hypocrisy and criticism when it comes to body shape and positivity. We are all geared up to provide the best content, attention, and space to plus-size ladies.

 ‘Googling’ shows just how common body-shaming is around the world, no matter someone's shape or size. The act of body shaming is deeply disrespectful and its widespread usage causes enormous issues to plus-size ladies everywhere on this planet. We are inspiring bloggers taking on every troll left and right to defend and support them. More and more celebrities are also defending plus-size ladies and helping them in their carrier of modeling. So many movies have been made in support of them but still, agony remains. So many fashion brands are now expanding to include plus sizes, but they still aren't changing the models they use for their 'straight-sized' or 'sample-sized' clothing. We at Curvysupporters are all about bringing not only positivity and building confidence within the plus-sized ladies but also to engineer a change of thought process in the way our society thinks. To achieve this we plan to bring various experts under one roof and make them accessible to you.  

No more insults  No more snide comments  No more stress No more haunting observers.

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Best Selling Curvy Yoga Book

Finally. A book that puts our culture’s destructive body-shaming to rest and gives women the tools they need to forge a new, more loving relationship with their bodies.

Have you wanted to try yoga but wondered if it was for you? Or perhaps you were uncertain whether you could carry out the poses? As the creator of a body-affirming yoga phenomenon that embraces people of all shapes and sizes, Anna Guest-Jelley has written an encouraging book that is about to become your go-to resource. In Curvy Yoga®, she shares stories about body shaming with poignancy and even sometimes with humor. Guest-Jelley also reveals how things started to change once she found yoga—the last thing the self-declared non-athlete ever thought was possible. In addition, Guest-Jelley shares how yoga can help you connect with your body and why accepting your body doesn’t mean giving up on it. Finally, in the appendix, she presents a series of pose instructions and options to make yoga work for your body—not the other way around.



Plussize Stories

My story: Plus-size Stories 

Kyln From USA- Read my story below


Everyone has their own story, their own size, their own opinion. That’s what makes the world spin, doesn’t it? However, life as a plus-size women spins a little bit differently, at least it did for me. 


I remember growing up bigger than the other girls, in fact, they often used to tell me I was bigger and how it made me not as pretty as them. I started trying to be “skinny” when I was only 12 years old. Looking back now I wish someone had told me I wasn’t fat and my body was beautiful. I wish I had learned to tell myself. I watched beautiful women all around me tell themselves they weren’t beautiful because they were “fat”. And I watched as they destroyed their confidence and mine. As the years grew on I had developed the worse case of self-hatred. Every beautiful girl in school was someone I stared at just wishing my life was theirs. And every boy, well who loves a fat girl anyway? I chose to hang out with other “fat girls”, at least we understood each other. I locked myself away and refused to have a good life. I was lonely and depressed.


Then one day it all snapped, who is making me do this? Why am I choosing this life? So that’s when I forced myself to change. Every day I told myself three things there was to love about me. It wasn’t easy, and at first they were small things. Something as small as having beautiful eyes, or being good at math. But as time grew on those small things became bigger. I found a love for expressing myself, something I had buried so deep even I had never seen it. I learned of clothing brands that didn’t make me feel bad about myself, and others who loved themselves the way I was learning too. I learned everyone is on their own weight journey, and that I had no reason to be ashamed. In fact I learned it wasn’t okay for anything that had happened to me. Those women should have believed in themselves, those girls had no right to tell anyone they weren’t beautiful. And I learned I was going to change it. I was going to change it all. 


It’s not easy being a fat girl. But it is easy to decide to love yourself. Make that choice today, because the world needs a little more self love, a little more acceptance, and a little more you! 

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For 20 years of my life, I`ve been insecure, insecure about what to wear, insecure how I look, insecure if I might not wear a bikini because I could look too fat?

But I wasn´t, I’ve been rather skinny with 56 KG and Size S/M.

I gained weight, at the beginning I didn’t even realize how much I’ve gained. Every time I looked into the mirror I had this Bridget Jones effect, I still saw myself with 56 KG however I gained more than 20 KG!

After I’ve seen a couple of pictures I was extremely shocked, is this woman really me? I had to buy a lot of new clothes which seemed to be extremely difficult if you don’t fit into a standard size.  Six years ago it was barely possible to find anything in Germany that doesn’t make women look very old and unattractive. I am very glad that these hard times are changing now and the fashion industry has become more aware of sizes and shapes out of the normal range. 

But I have to say, becoming curvy has changed me a lot.

I started enjoying life much more, I try to find happiness and joy in every single situation in life. Instead of hating myself for who I am, I started to love every single cm of my body and being grateful for living this life. 

I don’t care anymore if I could look fat in a bikini, I just wear it with pride and love my beautiful curves. As more as I started loving myself, I got a glow, I glow happiness and self-confidence.  And more and more people started loving me for my personality, my confidence, and my looks.

A lot of times women tell me how much they love my look but they would never be brave enough to wear things as I do.I always tell them to start loving themselves, start small - look daily into the mirror and tell yourself 3 things you love about yourself. When you started this, start wearing things you avoided before. You’ve always been afraid of wearing a skirt? Find one in the color you like and makes you feel sexy.

Am I healthy with my plus-size? Yes! I write daily a gratefulness diary, do yoga, eat fresh and good food and surround myself with amazing friends and a beautiful relationship.

We might be out of range in our sizes, but we are not out of range as a human being. 

Take care of yourself- you are beautiful as you are

Thank you so much CurvySupporters for giving me the opportunity to share my story 

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