Curvysupporters is found by a group like-minded who want to see themselves reflected in the plus-size landscape. Bias mainstream glossies overlook curvy women or regulate them to different subjects of discrimination based on their body size and weight.our main aim and objective is to provide online support and motivation for all charming and beautiful plus size ladies all over the world. we are the voice of unheard of millions of plus size ladies who have fought and struggled to raise there voice against the daily and routine odds. we help them to share their stories of courage and braveness for fighting against the unorthodox society who does not accept us a part of there life. we are and determined to fight for them and provide them online space for featuring top plus celebrities, bloggers and models to inspire plus size women worldwide to be daring with their style and to flaunt their curves. we strongly believe they have carried this burden alonely for long on them without voicing and rasing there personal values of life. In spite of support from numerous and multiple magazines from all over the globe they still face unruly and unfair discrimination. Curvy and plus size women have faced unruly discrimination from all walks of life for a long time now. They have been left out from the fashion sparkle for years and years. However, currently, plus-size bloggers provide them space, attention to there voice using online social platform including our blogger website for motivation and inspiration. Plus-size bloggers are fearless for writing and supporting plus size ladies all over and help them to fight these odds within our society. we strive to become an online media for plus size readers to engage plus-size readers from every corner of the world. We empower both big and small plus size ladies to create truly inspired online content for better motivation and express there voice and opinions. By providing them with this online space and resources necessary to succeed. Our platform is holistic and caters to every stage of the plus-size digital publishing lifecycle, redefining how people will treat them and happily accept them in the society without any rude, nasty and bad comment by providing great plus-size content in the form of blogs. we will touch ever issue and challenge media hypocrisy and criticism when it comes to body shape and positivity. we are boasting hard to provide the best content, attention, and space to plus size ladies.
     A little Googling underscores just how common body-shaming is around the world, no matter someone's shape or size. The act of body shaming is deeply disrespectful but its widespread use causes enormous issues to plus-size ladies all over but the good thing that's coming out of it is creating a new army of body-positive activists and bloggers who don't leave any stone unturned till they defend them at every level using social media platforms. we are inspiring bloggers taking on every troll left and right to defend and support them. More Celebrities are also defending plus-size ladies and helping them in their carrier of modeling. So many movies have been made in support for them but still, agony remains. So many fashion brands are now expanding to include plus sizes, but they still aren't changing the models they use for their 'straight-sized' or 'sample-sized' clothing. we all have brought positivity by opening many platforms for discussions and these discussions are happening all over that's means we are close to our destiny and one more step closer to body positivity.No more insults-no ruder comments-no more stress- fight odds -body positivity and no more haunting observers.