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Sneha Shah

Sneha hails from India and currently, she studies in the UK for her bachelor's degree. Sneha has a profound Love for blogging and she is a body advocate for a long time. She writes powerful blogs about optimism and helps women to conquer their beautiful dreams. Sneha senses void for the freelance bloggers and she loves connecting with the audience and readers for discussion. Her endless passion for blogging provides space for body image movement connections and discussions. Sneha's mission is to be a role model and mentor freelance Blogger. Sneha strongly believes with the pace of curvy bloggers, racism and discrimination remain an active challenge for bloggers. Sneha believes online bloggers are busy in making money rather than protecting and saving the right of plus-size ladies. 

Sneha decides to work with curvysupporters precisely the reason is they are freelance groups and not in the money-making business. Even for story sharing and media content, they don't cost any money. she wants to help the plus-size community and be the voice for curvy models. I say there are no rules for plus-size dressing.”People aren’t used to seeing the clothes on somebody with the curves I have. If you’re fashionable, you’re fashionable regardless of size. She believes plus size ladies can enjoy and embrace fashion as skinny models. Their weight does not define them. Sneha believes it's very important to respect the relationship with there bodies. Being a plus-size lady she dully understands the struggles and challenges that they we encounter. Just because I was a certain size didn’t mean I was going to wear frumpy clothing. I want to show them there are other options. From influential bloggers to entertaining vloggers and stylish insta-promoters and influencers, we continue to stand and raise there voice for plus-size ladies and present them to the world. I think faces are the most fascinating and inspiring creations in this world with all the different eye shapes, lip sizes, skin tones, freckles, noses, cheekbones, and expressions.
People around me get uncomfortable when I refer to myself as fat. I embrace the word ‘fat.’ Fat does not define me, it doesn’t define my character, or where I’ve been in my life. I am just another girl who is posting about her life and style, and I happen to be fat. Sneha is on a mission of Bodypositivty, women's rights, and women empowerment, mental health, body advocate. my blogs are going to be a leader in the body confidence movement, proving fashion goes beyond size.

Sneha shah

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