• Sneha Shah

Stop Body Shaming existence

Even though the body-positivity and self-love movements have gained incredible traction, there is still a lot of work to be done-even within our community. While we see more positive, supportive comments on our social media posts than negative, shame-y ones, even one instance of body-shaming is one too many. And let's be clear, there's more than one. We see comments saying the women we feature on our site and social media platforms are too fit, too big, too small, you name it. The term cyberbullying using online social media platforms where they shame and embarrass plus-size people, which often turns into harassment and cyberbullying — especially against plus-size women. we will break this cyberbullying trend and tear them into pieces. Many observational studies indicate that weight discrimination in the form of bullying or body shaming online is linked to weight gain and a drastic increase in obesity risk. Weight discrimination can cause depression, eating disorders, reduced self-esteem, and an increased risk of various other mental and physical problems. This form of bullying may not only cause additional weight gain but is also linked to depression, eating disorders, reduced self-esteem, and an increased risk of various other mental and physical problems. Blogging is an important reason it allows us to fight for them using numerous Hashtags. we act as the perfect representation of curvy ladies.. we remain active all over and whenever we see anybody shaming incident, we trend the topic and defend them. we believe body could be in any shape irrespective of size, weight, and color but nobody has anyone reasonable right to defame and shame them that's why bloggers come into the battlefield with all their arsenals of Hashtags, open discussion forums, twitter handling and campaigns all over with the ultimate objective is to help, support and defend plus size. Plus-size bloggers are up in arms about the negative representation of bigger women in the media. we think we take one step forward and two steps back. One moment you have people fat-shaming and the next people are tweeting in shouting them down, and then brands start catering for women. It’s important to show that everybody is different and everybody is beautiful in whatever outfit that's why we rage our war of words .our awareness campaigns and gathering of discussions connecting to all plus-size people provides them a beautiful platform. Diversity in the fashion industry is so important if we’re to move forward and evolve. “For too long now we’ve been presented and represented by a very narrow idea of beauty and it just won’t do anymore.”We need to saturate the media with different body types, right now we only see perfect bodies, but there are other people out there that don’t look like that. People and the media are starting to acknowledge them newe stand by them.

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