• Sneha Shah

Morning Pick Me Up

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

it is one of most aspects of day when your new day starts with new desires and goals

Good morning! Did you wake up on the right or wrong side of the bed this morning? No matter, there’s always time and good reason for a little pep talk before beginning your day. Swing your feet onto the floor from your bed , breakfast table, office desk or wherever you happen to be, look up into the sky or in a mirror if one is handy and say aloud, “I can do this!”

I Can:

Walk with my head held high with pride for all that I am and all that I do.Be confident in my job either in or outside the home, in my role as wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend and the way in which I am travelling through life achieving my dreams and goals. The best version of myself by loving who I am in this moment without diets or succumbing to crazy fads to become what society says is beautiful or worthy. Be a positive role model for other women around me by being happy with my body and how I look. More importantly, I can be a positive role model by how I treat other people respectfully and with kindness.Be anyone and do anything today and every day because I am amazing and I deserve everything good that comes my way.Be happy and radiate love because I am comfortable in my own skin.


Pretty, Plus and Proud because I am pretty darn fantastic!

Now, have a fabulous day!

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