• Sneha Shah

Positive Vibes

One of the most important aspects of life is positive vibes along with body positivity. You can,t let your body down. Feel proud and admire the essence of you being glamorous and beautiful. Your vibe is in your feeling and your feeling is in your happiness. Surround your cloud with positive people and distance yourself from negative nasty elements. Give space between your body, soul and your mind and everything rests in peace. Don’t turn down a date or job promotion because you don’t think you’re good enough for either. Don’t put off doing anything because your life is happening right now, not when you are twenty pounds lighter. You are beautiful, worthy and good enough right now to be living a life full of adventure and joy. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud today, tomorrow and always no matter what your body may look like. Remember you are a root of your body and your fruits are the vibes that you can resonate with beautiful people.

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