• Sneha Shah


The purpose of life is to be happy no matter what challenge is thrown at you. Learn to be happy with your soul and it will reflect in your positive behavior.

How is life meant to be lived? Are you meant to be better, look better, attain more than everyone else? Is life about being richer than everyone else? Are you meant to have a better job, more stuff, better stuff than your neighbor? Is life just one big competition where we all race to achieve the biggest prize?

I say no. Life is a journey, not a competition. Everyone’s journey should look different, unique to each individual’s talents, desires, dreams, and goals. What you want your life to be and how you go about getting it should not be about beating other people down, but taking them along with you so you can help each other live your best lives. Life is about seeing other people be happy and successful, helping each other to get to that place. Encourage people, cheer them on, congratulate them and celebrate with them. If we can recognize and draw out each person’s strength than we too can succeed. We can Be Pretty, Plus and Proud because we have helped our fellow human beings and in doing so, have helped ourselves be better people as well.

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